It’s been my experience to see much heartache, suffering, sorrow….lostness. Life can be very hard. Our familiar is gone. All of a sudden we’ve been given the diagnosis of….change. Change from our way of life, change from our independence, change from our comfort zone. We never thought it could happen to us…..but it has. And now we need…help.      

Change. It’s what’s happened to those we now find ourselves caring for and it’s eventually, most likely, going to happen to us. After all, we don’t grow younger do we. Be sensitive, be understanding. Imagine tomorrow waking up needing help. Some sweet smiling person knocks on your door coming to help “change” you. “What happened to me?” you say to yourself. “I never use to be like this!” Be aware and sensitive to the fact there is loss present. There needs to be respect and dignity shown. We need to listen.  Listen to the stories of the “it use to be”. Ask questions. Be sincere.

You can only hope one day the smiling person on the other side of your door will be to you the way you have been to others.